When an estate owner in Kent contacted Acorus he was concerned one of his tenants might not be ale to continue without planning permission for his paintballing operation. The paintballing operation provided a useful rent which helped in the upkeep of the estates woodland.
A report and planning application was prepared and submitted to the Local Authority including the arguments as to why planning permission should be granted, despite this is was rejected by the committee.
Acorus handled the subsequent planning appeal by way of public inquiry. The appeal was won and planning permission granted for the change of use of the woodland to a mixed use including paintballing.

In particular, Acorus overcame initial environment objections as the site was within a Site of Nature Conservation Interest. It was proven however that the particular area used was of less interest and could accommodate the operation without damage.

The car park and base camp utilised an old wood yard which again limited the impact.

Paintballing success