Small Livestock Farm Gain Consent for 10KW Wind Turbine


Gaups Mill is a 100 acre small farm outside the village of Moniaive, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire. The farming operations consist of a small livestock unit which is run in conjunction with a larger Blackface Hill Farm business. The buildings have been used as small workshops/ storage units, a small equestrian unit and bus workshop.

The objective was to install a small 10kw wind turbine to provide the energy for the farm. Planning was obtained and grid connection was standard given the farm has a three phase supply.

Small scale turbines can obtain grid access into three phase supply easier because the District Network Operators (DNO)have an allowance of 6AMPS per phase and turbines of this size will not affect the three phase.

The consent was granted, however the turbine is one of the new investor options that some of the manufacturers offer.  Xzeres generally carryout all the planning and grid applications, then supply, install and maintain the turbine for 20 years. At the end of the agreement the turbines become the property of the landowner. The turbine is handed back fully maintained and warranted. The investors receive the Feed in Tariff and the landowner has the energy generated.

At Gaups Mill the owner obtained the planning consent first then went to the market looking for an investor.

To investigate opportunities further, please talk to Robert Schiller on 07966 236 332.