Clarifying NPPF Policy on Isolated Homes

3rd April, 2018 by Natasha in General

Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) instructs local planning authorities to "avoid new isolated homes in the countryside". Braintree District Council in Essex relied on this policy when it refused to grant Granville Developments permission for two bungalows in the village of Blackmore End in 2016, arguing that the homes would be "isolated from services and facilities". 

The Court of Appeal recently upheld a High Court decision ruling that proposals cannot be considered isolated if there are other dwellings nearby.

Mrs Justice Lang noted in her High Court verdict that the term "isolated" is not defined in the NPPF. However, she pointed to its "ordinary objective meaning" of "far away from other places, buildings or people".

Upholding that decision in the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Lindblom ruled that, despite its small size and lack of facilities, Blackmore End was a recognisable village and there were a number of other dwellings near to the development site.


For the full article please see ‘Planning Magazine’ March edition 

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