New EA Charges

9th May, 2018 by Natasha in General

Recently, from April 2018, the Environment Agency increased their charges for certain regulatory permits. You may or may not already know about these changes but there's no doubt that they will effect the rural sector and not for the better!

Following the EA’s decision to go forward with these controversial changes, our friends at the NFU formally put forward their concerns on financial impact. We too disagree with the dramatic hikes, some of which are listed below for your information. 

Change of charges to Poultry Farming (intensive) compared to previous:

The good new is the permit for Annual Red Tractor has gone down by £144. The bad news is the permit for a substantial variation has gone up by £6838. 

Change of charges to Flood Risk Management compared to previous:

For an application of standard rules permit you can expect to see 0 changes but for an application for works to deepen, widen or straighten channel you can expect an increase of £1271.
For compliance of a standard rules permit it will now be £2 less but will be £303 more for works to deepen, widen or straighten channel.

Change of charges to Land Spreading of Waste compared to previous:

Most permits within this section are increasing by £1011 whilst a new bespoke permit for mobile plant will set you back an extra £3613!

Change of charges to Groundwater Authorisations compared to previous:

For an application to go in you are looking at an increase between £1748 - £2318.
Whereas variations charges are... minor up 30%, normal up 50% and substantial up 90%


As you can see these changes are major and we would like to know HOW the EA have calculated these costs? Currently they stand by their decision to ‘simplify and recover costs.’

What do you think?

*costs taken are from the lowest to highest from each category.

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