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Acorus Eastern Team Successfully Gain Planning Permission For Holiday Lodges

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The Acorus Eastern team have been successful in gaining planning permission for the siting of three mobile homes on a farm in Suffolk.

The farm traditionally rears pigs, but given global uncertainties, and volatile prices, diversification and an additional income stream was sought.  After discussions with Acorus planning consultant Henry Doble it was agreed to pursue mobile homes on the farm, in the form of holiday lodges.

Such applications are relatively simple in nature, providing the site is suitable, given the basis is the change of use of land on which the mobile homes are sited, rather than the mobile homes themselves. Generally speaking there is also strong support for such on-farm diversification schemes, provided that any harm does not outweigh the benefits. 

If you have a similar project, or wish to discuss a diversification scheme or other planning matters, please do not hesitate to contact Acorus


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