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Further Amendments To Existing PD Rights


In addition to the provision of a new permitted development right (Class ZA), further changes have been made to existing permitted development rights, and include the provision of a new use class classification.

New Use Classes

From September, use Classes B1(a), (b) and (c) will move to a new Class E, as will some of the A classes (A1 shops, A2, A3 cafés), to form “Class E: Commercial Business and Service”.   In addition, a new Class F has been created encompassing some of the old D class uses (schools etc as F1, and isolated or small shops, community halls, outdoor sport or recreation and swimming pools as F2).

Amendments to Schedule 2 Part 3 Rights

Amendments to Class Q, agricultural buildings to residential (and also Classed  PA, O, M and N) , have been made, whereby more details are needed on drawings including a floor plan indicating the dimensions and proposed use of each room, the position and dimensions of windows, doors and walls, and the elevations of the dwelling houses, together with an assessment on natural light, for any submissions valid after 1 August 2020 (Statutory Instrument 2020 No 632 “The Town and Country Planning (Permitted Development and Miscellaneous Amendments) (England) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020).

Whilst much of this information had been requested by planning departments in any case for Class Q, it represents a significant increase in the level of information which may now be necessary for prior approval to be granted for some of the other PD rights.

Upwards Extensions of Dwellings

From the end of August it will be permitted development to add a floor to an existing dwelling, subject to prior approval. This will not apply to dwellings created via other permitted development such as Class Q. The dimensions of the extension will be limited and prior approval on amenity impacts, external appearance, air traffic and protected views will be necessary (Statutory Instrument 2020 No 755 “The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) (Amendment) (No 2) Order 2020”).


New proposed Agricultural design

From Inception To Completion!

Since the introduction of Class Q (formerly known as Class MB) Permitted Development Rights in 2014, the provision to convert agricultural buildings to residential dwellings,

Replacement Poultry Building In AONB (1)

Replacement Poultry Buildings In AONB

Whilst agricultural buildings in the open countryside are quite typical and generally accepted in policy terms, where a landscape designation such as a National Park

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