Class Q Proposal now nearly complete

Class Q agricultural to rural proposal now nearly complete - elevation of conversion

Back in August 2016 Acorus secured Prior Approval for the change of use of a traditional building to a dwelling (Class Q) in the Lune Valley (Lancashire).  The barn was then sold for the client with the new owner subsequently applying for a variation to the conversion scheme to the Council. The photographs show the […]

Acorus Eastern Team Successfully Gain Planning Permission For Holiday Lodges

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The Acorus Eastern team have been successful in gaining planning permission for the siting of three mobile homes on a farm in Suffolk. The farm traditionally rears pigs, but given global uncertainties, and volatile prices, diversification and an additional income stream was sought.  After discussions with Acorus planning consultant Henry Doble it was agreed to […]

Successful Class Q Proposal Now Completed Following An Appeal

Class Q agricultural to rural proposal now complete following appeal

Back in February 2017 a Class Q application was submitted for a client in Shropshire. The application was refused for the concrete frame and concrete block building (non-traditional building), based on the Council presenting that the works involved for the conversion went beyond what was allowed as part of the permitted development regime.  An appeal […]

Class Q Prior Approval Success for South West Office

Class Q prior approval success for South West Office

Acorus South West Team have recently been successful in gaining prior approval for the conversion of buildings to dwellings, utilising Class Q Permitted Development Rights, in both Cornwall and South Gloucestershire.   Associate Laura Wall of the Exeter office, assisted in submitting prior notification submissions to the Councils, for both clients who were looking to find […]

Planning Permission Gained For Conversion Of Barn To Farm Shop And Cafe

Conversion of Barn to Farm shop - Barn before conversion

Acorus Eastern Team have been successful in gaining planning permission, together with listed building consent, for the conversion of a traditional barn in Norfolk to a farm shop and café. Acorus consultant Henry Doble was approached by the applicant who wished to expand the existing business, which was established a number of years ago as […]

Appointment of New Associate

henry doble

Acorus would like to congratulate Henry Doble on his appointment as an Associate.   Henry will continue to work in the East and South East Region contributing to all aspects of planning work.  Having qualified as a Rural Chartered Surveyor, Henry’s areas of work include advice relating to rural planning in general with specific examples being new […]

Agricultural Occupancy Condition Lifted

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The property in South Devon was originally granted planning permission in 1963 and, typical of most agricultural dwelling applications, the council imposed a condition on the property limiting its occupation to someone solely, mainly all last working in agriculture to ensure that the use of the dwelling was in the interest of agriculture. With a […]

Planning Permission For A Small Residential Development

Planning Permission for small residential development - design drawings

Acorus Eastern Team have just received planning permission for a small residential development of 5 houses in the village of Wicken, Cambridgeshire. Acorus consultant Brian Barrow became involved following a previous scheme which had not found favour for more albeit smaller houses. It was felt however that a mix of 3 detached and 2 semi-detached […]

Planning consent has been granted for a dwelling to replace a caravan in Yorkshire

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Planning consent has been granted for a dwelling to replace a caravan in Yorkshire.  Our client is most pleased with the outcome having lived on site in a caravan for over 18 years.  Initially the caravan was secured with a Certificate of Lawfulness, having been on site and occupied continuously for over 10 years (following an initial […]

Acorus’ Covid-19 Statement Updated

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – INFORMATION FOR CLIENTS We would like to reassure our clients that it is our priority during these unprecedented times to continue to maintain our high levels of service. This is maybe not ‘business as usual’, however we have adapted our business practices in order to maintain and continue the delivery of our […]