Acorus Midland Team Permitted Development Class Q Success

2nd May, 2019 by Acorus

The Acorus Midlands team has secured planning permission for the change of use of two agricultural buildings to create two dwellings under permitted development rights (Class Q of General Permitted Development Order) in Staffordshire.

The buildings comprised a traditional stone building and a semi-modern brick building (former shippon).   Acorus prepared designs for the conversions and the scheme was accepted by the local authority without any issue.  Consideration is now being given by the applicant for other conversions on the farm.

For further advice on planning matters contact:

Anthony Atkinson MRICS FAAV, Director



Class Q - This is the permitted development of an agricultural building to residential use. There are criteria that apply i.e. the building must have been use solely for agricultural use on or before 20th March 2013; the dimensions of the building must not change; there must not be excessive rebuilding to enable the building to be converted into a dwelling. There are also restrictions on the number and size of dwellings the building can be converted to.

For more details refer to the following Class Q information sheet.


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