Conversion Approved Under Full Planning Where Class Q Did Not Apply

1st August, 2019 by Acorus

The Acorus North/Midlands Office have secured planning permission for a client in Greater Manchester for the conversion of a modern agricultural building to a dwelling.  The initial approach was to submit the proposal as a Prior Approval Class Q application.  However, it transpired that the building is within a ‘safety hazard area’ (i.e. a high pressure gas pipeline locally) and therefore the Class Q procedure was not applicable.  

The full application took some time to be considered & determined by the local planning authority, albeit it was ultimately approved and understandably the client is very pleased with the outcome.  The dwelling will be used by an agricultural worker (although there is not an occupancy condition) in association with the farmland, with part of the building conditioned to be used for agricultural storage.

Please speak to our Northern/Midlands office for more information.

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