Successful Planning Application For Second Agricultural Workers Dwelling

26th February, 2019 by Acorus in General

One of our Norfolk farmer clients has found  it increasingly difficult to both manage the overall farm business, and be solely responsible as the day to day on site presence for his pig unit and cattle enterprises. 

Acorus were employed to assist the Applicant with obtaining planning permission for a second dwelling on the holding to assist with the essential need for on site supervision.  Acorus prepared a dwelling house appraisal, looking at the facts of the case and the management of the business, and in doing so demonstrated it was not feasible for the owner, solely, to be on the site 24 hours day to respond to emergencies and meet all welfare needs of the stock on site.  It was demonstrated that the farm business requires a manager to effectively take over the day to day running and responsibility of the livestock enterprises, provide the 24 hours a day 7 days a week on site presence (essential need) and be present for situations such as calving. 

Planning permission was successfully obtained for a new dwelling to house a new livestock manager. The owner will remain in his house currently on the holding. 

The Applicant was pleased with the outcome, as in addition to the essential need justification, he felt that a permanent dwelling of good quality is required to attract the calibre of employee the business needs. High calibre candidates can pick and choose where they take a job. As most of them have family it ultimately comes down to how attractive the overall package being offered is, and the accommodation being offered is an integral part of this.


For further advice please contact:

David Ellis MBIAC


For more general details see our information sheet in relation to Rural Dwellings.


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