Rural Housing

Gaining planning permission in the countryside for a dwelling remains strictly controlled, with opportunities for development guided by national and local planning policy, which suggests that isolated dwellings should be avoided.

  • Opportunities for housing in rural areas are likely to be focused on either:
  • Essential agricultural or rural worker dwellings
  • Change of use/conversion of existing buildings
  • Permitted development
  • Affordable or local needs housing (exception sites)
  • Exceptional, outstanding design

In considering essential need dwellings planning policy allows for the building of dwellings essential to agriculture or rural businesses in the open countryside, including in Green belt, as a special circumstance.  Within the updated National Planning Policy Framework released in July 2018, dwellings for those taking a majority control in a farm business can also be considered in some instances.

New farm or rural businesses will still often have to obtain planning permission for temporary accommodation (e.g. static caravan, log cabin) initially to give time for the enterprise to develop.  A viable business plan and realistic prospect of the business developing as planned are key requirements.

Acorus can assist with the process of obtaining permission for a dwelling in the countryside where there is suitable justification, from initial advice, business plans, appraisals, preparation and handling of planning applications and design.

New Build Agricultural Bungalow

Barn Conversion Into Dwelling and Offices

New Farmhouse

Large Extension

Workers Dwelling and Garage

Replacement Dwelling